Skydiving was Dennis Bulin’s passion, but his sights were set on innovating the scuba diving industry. In 1979 he applied the same Ripcord technology in skydiving to Buoyancy Compensators in scuba diving — and just like that, Zeagle was born. Bulin believed that to get things done, he had to do it himself, and it is a philosophy that the company Zeagle has been carrying and maintaining ever since. 
All Zeagle dive gear is manufactured on U.S. soil, supporting military, commercial and public safety divers and in the ‘80s, they launched the industry’s first Ripcord Release System. In the ‘90s they patented the Personal Fit System™, which is a system of interchangeable components that allows a custom fit buoyancy system to your body and your style of diving, these include the independent fitting of waist size, chest size, and torso length.

Top 5 Products

  • Zeagle Scout BCD
  • Zeagle F8 Scuba Regulator
  • Zeagle Envoy II Octopus
  • Zeagle Ranger BCD
  • Zeagle Recon Fin



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