The 3 most essential diving equipment

Why should I get my own diving equipments? 

Getting your own diving equipment is essential for a few reasons:

  1. It fits you well- rental equipments will not fit you as well. 
  2. Safe to use- As you will and SHOULD service your equipments regularly, you will know that these equipments are safe to use.
  3. Visually pleasing/ "Instagrammable"- Choose your favourite colors and looks that you like! 

The most essential dive equipments to get are: 

  1. Dive Masks

    These are your eyes- you go underwater to enjoy the scenic landscapes and beautiful creatures, so a "good eyesight" is important. It would get frustrating if your mask doesn't fit and you spend your underwater time clearing mask. 


  2. Dive Fins

    Your means of travel. Dive fins are like your car- bringing you from point A to point B. During this time, its important to be comfortable and these fins helps you travel well through the currents.


  3. Dive Computer

    These are your phones, it tells you where you are, how cold the water is, how long of a safety stop you should do, and it beeps you if you are doing something you are not supposed to.