Poseidon One Shoe Dive Boot
Price RM475.00
Brand Poseidon
Size (L x W x H) 30 cm x 30 cm x 30 cm
Reward Points 5
Points Needed 475
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This is a shoe that is nicely worn above and below the surface, it is durable, made of sturdy neoprene with waterproof back zipper from YKK and fits snugly around the diver’s foot. The high durability rubber sole allows safe and easy boarding ladders and shore entries. What’s more, these may be used as a bootie for diving with open heeled fins or simply worn as a shoe for everyday use!


Poseidon One Shoe Dive Boot Features:

  • Elastic Bungee Cord: Keeps Shoe Slim Around Diver's Foot
  • Works w/Most All Dive Suits
  • Durable in harsh marine environments
  • Heavy duty Supratex® neoprene with anti-slip sole
  • YKK brand waterproof rear entry zipper


Poseidon One Shoe Dive Boot Reviews by netizens:

“I wore out endless pairs of slip on boots-foot wear & I needed a new better fitting pair so I tried the DGX Poseidons. Great fit, fair to mid range price, very comfortable & firm yet flexible unlike a stiffer rock boot and the rear high quality zipper is great.”


“Ok, I've seen someone wear things a bit back in Hawaii and i have wanted a pair since. Standard booties just don't cut it when your climbing in small boats with very small metal tubes making up the dive ladder. Digs into my feet and hurt like heck. Heavier soled dive boots solve that problem but are harder to get a good fit and tend to start to rub blisters on my toes unless I wear socks. So wanted something with fits like a sneaker and protects your feet like a sneaker. These seem to fit the bill. Like other have said, buy up a size. Plan on testing them on a dive trip in 3 weeks, but they really feel good wearing them around the house.”


“Very comfortable and fit perfectly using their chart. I was impressed with the all around neoprene. I hope they last a long time. “

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