Mares Smart Dive Computer

The incredibly affordable Mares Smart is the ultimate appeal for entry-level divers. It has all the necessary features in a clean, easy-to-read display, with simple menu navigation while designed to keep beginning divers safe without creating confusion or offering too many options. All in all a great device to learn and practice on before an upgrade, and attractive enough for daily wear!

  • 150m depth
  • Decompression alarms
  • Ascent rate exceed alarms & lockout
  • 25 hours logging
  • No compass/ air integration



“I’m a padi instructor and love this watch , however that being said, even though I wear it every day not only does it log dives, it gives time 24-7. This makes the batttery dead within one year . They sell battery replacement sets but it’s difficult to do without a mares store. I replaced my old battery thinking it was easy but the “o” wasn’t in properly and I work on regulators etc. water got in and corroded it. It may last a normal diver longer but for me it was kind of a bummer. I bought it again however because it’s so easy to read. ”

“I bought this as an intermediate level dive computer for someone special. He loves to wear it as a generic watch as well as using it for diving. The size is great, even for a smaller person and the features are intuitive. Highly recommend this as a mid-cost, advanced recreational diving watch.”