Mares Cruise Dry Bag Mbp 15
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Brand Mares
Size (L x W x H) 40 cm x 12 cm x 65 cm
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Made of strong and durable 500D tarpaulin fabric, the MB15 is an “all-in one” bag served to protect your items against water and humidity, featuring a roll-top closing system that is completely watertight. It comes with a special internal pocket that helps to keep other delicate items dry, as well as five compression straps which are fastened by squeeze-style" side release buckles, Definitely a great and easy to carry bag for all sorts of outdoor activities!  And especially those of watersports or have a potential of contact with water. 


Mares Cruise Dry Bag Mbp 15 Features:

  • Ideal for Watersports and Outdoor Activities
  • Roll-Top Closure and Five Compression Straps
  • Straps are fastened by Squeeze-Style" Side Release Buckles
  • All Closure Straps are Adjustable to Lower Bags Profile
  • Removable Mesh Pocket
  • Made of Durable, SVHC-Free Material: 500D Tarpaulin Fabric
  • Great Organizational Bag Design


Mares Cruise Dry Bag Mbp 15 Reviews by netizens:

“Really love this and got me through my 4 month diving adventure really well. Held up to scratches, longboats, dive boats, equipment and such. The main compartment is waterproof as far as i tested (did not do a full submerge), but maybe a bit susceptible to condensation (to be expected). Main peeves on this item - the front pocket seems to be made to be waterproof, but i guess it's only splash-proof at best. Kept things in there and after rain or a few well-laced waves i found that the contents were not entirely dry - were not bathing in ocean water either, but not dry - so electronics in there at your own risk - paper will definitely get soggy. The other one - the detachable front section is a nice touch, but it would have been better if it had a mesh on the outside that zipped to the main compartment so that you could make a meshed pocket out of the area between the main compartment and the detachable section. This is because i had issue in storing a wet towel or a water bottle without using the main compartment (which the whole point of it is to stay dry)."

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