Mares Magellan BCD
Price RM1,535.00
Brand Mares
Size (L x W x H) 50 cm x 20 cm x 60 cm
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The Mares Magellan is a brand new BCD for 2019 designed specifically for the travelling diver with a focused effort on weight reduction and improved comfort.

Mares Magellan BCD Features:

  • The true travel bcd: extremely lightweight (2.1 KG)
  • Integrated quick release weight system
  • Optional trim weight (to be placed on the tank band)
  • Foldable with no rigid backpack
  • Strap loop backpack feature for easy adjustment
  • 1 roll-up pocket
  • Concave ergonomic shoulders (patent pending): increased comfort in chest/shoulder area
  • Trouble free for female divers


Mares Magellan BCD Reviews by netizens:


"Just did a dive trip with this BCD to Komodo. It's compact, light weight and easy to pack up. Does a nice job underwater. It's a bare BCD and has no pockets, well one roll down pocket which is not very practicle to slide regular things in eg: torch, go pro or camera, pointers, rock hooks, etc.. If you hate things dangling of you, you end up clipping a lot of stuff onto the rings near the chest, which gets very congested as you also have your octo, gauges, smb coming in. Could easily have a few more rings on the straps.

However the thing I found most annoying and I guess is a design flaw, is the weight pockets. When you add weights to them, the velcro supporting them just cant hold them in place and they get loose and dangle down while you wear the gear. Once underwater it isn't really a problem, but while your removing the gear and handing it into a boat, those dangling weight pockets are troublesome.
Apart from that it is a great BCD. Gives good lift. Easy to dump air. Foldable back is superb."



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