I can’t swim, can I learn scuba diving?

I can’t swim, can I learn scuba diving?

The short answer is YES.

This can be surprising to some, but non-swimmers CAN scuba dive. Like how non-swimmers can go snorkelling in the sea with their life jacket on, scuba diving applies a similar theory. You just need to know how to move your fins in order to navigate the waters.


However, here’s the catch. 

To become a certified scuba diver through the PADI Open Water Diver Course, you will have to swim 200 metres with any stroke and tread water or float for at least 10 minutes. And PADI’s Open Water Course prerequisite suggest that you need to swim. 


Then what should I do? 

In short, to pass the PADI scuba diving test, you would need to swim. To do this, we will teach students the basics of swimming, with your diving fins on, you will find it easier to stay afloat, adding on the buoyancy of the sea water. Swimming/ staying afloat is easier than it seems. If students swim using mask and fins, then it will be a 300m swim instead of 200m.


Or, you can take the discovery scuba diving course.

To find out if scuba diving is for you, take a 2-4 hour session to try out scuba diving. You don’t need to know how to swim for this course, a certified instructor will be guiding you throughout.