How much is a scuba diving license in Malaysia?


Scuba Diving in KL

So, how much is the open water scuba diving course in Malaysia?

An average scuba diving course in Malaysia ranges from about RM 1000 – RM 2000. This depends on a few factors:

  • Accommodation
  • Pool Sessions
  • Travel
  • Meal


PADI Open Water Course Price List:

Approximate: Includes:  
RM 1000 - RM 1200 Course  
RM 1300 - RM 1900 Course + Stay  
RM 1600 - RM 2200 Course + Stay + Meal  


Course only

If you’ve decided to only take  the course from a dive school, the fee will be about RM 1000 – RM 1200. This includes:

  • PADI Open Water Course Book (roughly RM 300 for the book itself)
  • Theory session/ E-Learning
  • 2 Confined Open Water Sessions
  • 4 Open Water Dives
  • Instructor Fee

You will need to arrange for your own accommodation and travelling to the dive school.
If you’re on a holiday and happen to want to take the course, then this is a package for you.

Course + Stay:

Scuba diving courses that includes stay ranges from about RM 1300 – RM 1900.

RM 1300 may be a dorm room, not air conditioned, and may or may not be a shared toilet. And if it's RM 1900, it would make sense if there’s at least a hot shower bathroom and it’s air-conditioned (A very important factor in Malaysia).

Taking this package helps you save on accommodation, because hotels and resorts usually gives slightly better prices to their agents.

If you are going with a group of friends to take your diving course, this package is more worthwhile and you get to stay in the same resort with your friends. Bigger groups get better prices too :) 



Course + Stay + Meal:

If your package has the open water course + stay + meal, then it will range from RM 1600 – RM 2200.

A meal may costs you about RM 15 - RM 30 on the island, so the prices makes sense. Some islands do not have much food options, so this may be a good package to consider.


A few things to look out for (the small fees + comfort + logistics):

  • Return Ferry ticket ~ RM 80 - RM 150
  • Local Marine Park Fee ~ RM 5 - RM 10
  • Tourist Marine Park Fee ~ RM 30
  • Rooms condition (aircond/ no aircond, room pax, private/ shared toilet...)
  • Are the rooms far from the dive centre
  • Is the dive centre near to shore
  • Dive centre facilities
  • Rental gears condition
  • Boat condition/ speed

Course + Stay + Meal + Service (aka. ATAS)

If you’re looking for a luxury experience- for example helpers diving into the water to get your fins off for you, not sure if Malaysia dive schools offer as such. But here’s one I found after googling “Luxury Open Water Course”- It is about RM 4500- RM 5000 without stay :)

Additional info:

While taking your scuba diving license, you can consider getting your own mask, snorkel and fins, these gears are not too expensive to get and will ensure your comfort. It’s important to get a mask that fits your face properly so you won’t have to worry about water getting in your eyes. Also, most dive centres will use full foot fin which may cause blisters, you can also opt for a diving socks.

PADI Open Water Course at Redang Laguna 2021: