SCUBAPRO 2 Gaugeu Line Console
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The Scuba Pro 2 Gauge Console is a lightweight and compact console with a durable impact resistant boot. It is great for either primary or back-up for recreational or more experienced divers. The boot is equipped with multiple lanyard attachment points to keep the instruments close-at-hand while not causing damage to the marine environment. The dual slots on the hose end of console boot are also usable as a threading point for adding a wrist strap computer or compass when needed. 


SCUBAPRO 2 Gaugeu Line Console Features:

  • Traditional compact plastic case pressure gauge and a compact oil-filled analog depth gauge
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Durable impact resistant boot that accommodates the pressure and depth gauges
  • Gauges are easy to read at depth.    
  • Great as a primary or back-up instrument for recreational or more experienced divers
  • Red Zones clearly warn when approaching extreme depth or pressure situations.    
  • Depth gauge also provides for water temperature.        
  • Available in Imperial or metric versions.                                


SCUBAPRO 2 Gaugeu Line Console Reviews by netizens:

“It was back to basic gear for me. After years of air integrated hoseless computer. I started having problems syncing the system. Scuba pro console was my answer.”

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