Zeagle Stiletto Bcd With Ripcord Weight System, Black
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Size (L x W x H) 50 cm x 20 cm x 60 cm
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The Zeagle Stiletto is full featured yet a lightweight BC that is designed for divers who do both warm and temperate water diving but don’t need the twin tank capability. This particular model is commonly used for Cold Water, Extreme Depths, Recreation, Warm Water etc. Its welded extra durable nylon fabric and internal urethane laminate gives an extra level of protection against abrasion or punctures by coral reefs or wrecks in close environments. This BC allows you to rinse out the inner bladder of your BC without having to struggle to get fresh water in through the inflator mouthpiece. It has sufficient lift and weight capacity for most average built divers and is travel-friendly because of how lightweight it is.


Zeagle Stiletto BCD Features:


  •     For Advanced Divers, Casual/ Recreational Divers who dive in Warm and Temperate Water, Cold Water, Extreme Depths, Recreation etc
  •     Popular because of comfort, durability, easily adjustable
  •     Rugged, Full Featured Lightweight Design


Zeagle Stiletto BCD Reviews by netizens:

“This is the most comfortable BC I have ever used as 30 years of diving.”

“Light weight, rugged, I love not having to fill weight pockets and trying to secure them into the BCD. I think it’s an ingenious weight system.”

“This is by far one of the best purchases I’ve made. I debated for over a month of several BCs and I’m so happy I went with this one. The comfort and features of this BC are amazing. I was worried about it not not having a support brace for the tank, since I have back issues, but I must say this is as good as I could expect. I’ve experienced zero back pain and I love the light weight of it.”

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