Zeagle F8 Yoke Regulator
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Brand Zeagle
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Zeagle introduces a new flagship regulator model with a completely new platform second stage design. The F8 name is derived from the well-established Zeagle Flathead series regulators. Totally new design, Zeagle's best performing regulator ever with more than 20 new improvements. Zeagle's regulators are US made, built under strict controls for quality in Zeagle's own factory, using state of the art equipment and procedures. Your regulator is one of your most important pieces of gear. No matter what kind of diving you do, you can do it better with Zeagle. The F8 is very low in profile, barely extending above the tank valve, and places the low pressure hoses directly out to the sides, in a pattern preferred by many divers. The F8 Regulator is set for yoke valves. 

The all black chrome plated marine brass first stage regulator is a balanced diaphragm design which is environmentally sealed. The diaphragm membrane transmits the pressure changes to the internal mechanism eliminating the need for the surrounding water to enter the intricate mechanism. The benefit of this type of first stage design is that none of the internal parts are exposed to contaminants such as salt, sand, chlorine or pool acids. These environmental contaminants cause corrosion and mineral deposits to form on the internal mechanism deteriorating regulator performance. 

Zeagle's conical precision stainless steel high-pressure valve and advanced polymer seat provide much greater reliability and service life compared to conventional designs, while improving responsiveness and Performance at all Breathing Rates. With high performance porting in a balanced diaphragm design with dry environment seal, makes this one clean regulator first stage that will give you years of corrosion free service. The F8 Regulator has an internal structure that allows for direct airflow through the 1st stage, providing outstanding performance. First Stage is equipped with 2 high pressure (HP) 7/16" threaded ports and 5 low pressure (LP) 3/8" threaded ports for mounting of gauges and additional accessory items such as inflator Hose and octopus regulator. 

Zeagle's F8 Second Stage is lightweight, compact and comfortable, with diver adjustable resistance controls, free-flow control, and built-in anti-freezing features. Specific design changes have created a regulator that is resistant to free-flow on the surface, yet has incredible smoothness and ease of breathing underwater. This pneumatically balance downstream demand valve second stage regulator is manufactured from flexible thermoplastic, thermoplastic, elastomeric, polymer and silicone rubber. The F8 Second Stage has a new case design that is smaller, lighter and molded from high impact resistant materials than its predecessor. New case snap-in insert near mouthpiece allows you to personalize your F8 for color style. New front cover design with anti-surge and ha a new stylized Z" logo regulator second stage ha a new smaller mouthpiece with super soft silicone and color accented tear resistant Bite" lugs. New exhaust valve with improved dryness and lower exhalation effort. New inhalation effort control knob for better grip and style. 

What else is new! The F8 has a new threaded cover ring for improved safety and new heat sink with improved materials and greater surface area to dissipate cold. New zirconium plated inlet tube for increased corrosion resistance, new inhalation diaphragm with improved response and tear strength and a newly redesigned poppet with improved tolerances. The F8 has a patented seat saving orifice, new low pressure second stage seat and a new second stage spring made from super alloy. The Standard Hose measures 30" (76 cm) and is 3/8" threaded. The complete regulator weighs approximately 2.56 lbs (1,161 g) with the hose comes with a comprehensive owner's manual, is Nitrox ready to 40% out of the box and is covered by Zeagle's limited lifetime warranty. 

TRADE-IN ANY DIVE REGULATOR, WORKING OR NOT, AND RECEIVE A DISCOUNT TOWARDS A ZEAGLE F8.Beginning July 10, 2017 through September 30, 2017, bring or mail in your used regulator (first and second stage) and Buy the Zeagle F8 for $499.00 a discount of $118.95 
Discounted price only available with the Trade-in, Trade-up promotion.




Warranty Information


This product has a limited lifetime warranty.









Zeagle F8 Features


  • Zeagle F8 Yoke Regulator:

  • Zeagle Introduces a New Flagship Regulator Model

  • Completely New Platform Second Stage Design

  • Made in the USA

  • Hose Length: 30" (76 cm)

  • Weight: Approximately 2.56 lbs (1,161 g)

  • Factory Ready: EAN/ NITROX to 40% O2

  • Comprehensive Owner's Manual

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

  • First Stage:

  • Balanced Diagram Design

  • Inherently Environmentally Sealed

  • Dry Environmental Seal with Hydro Transmitter

  • Precision Stainless Steel HP Valve with Advanced-Polymer Seat

  • HP Valve: Improves Responsiveness and Performance at All Breathing Rates

  • High Performance Porting

  • 5 Low Pressure 3/8" Threaded Ports

  • 2 High Pressure 7/16" Threaded Ports

  • First Stage Materials: 
    Body: Marine Grade Black Chromed Brass 
    HP Valve: Stainless Steel 
    Seat: Advanced Polymer 
    O-Rings: Buna-N

  • Second Stage:

  • Downstream Valve

  • Pneumatically Balanced Design

  • Dive/Pre Dive Venturi Control

  • Diver Adjustable Inhalation Resistance

  • Anti-Freeze Heat Transfer Device

  • Second Stage Materials: 
    Cover: Flexible Thermoplastics Case: Ridged Thermoplastics 
    Diaphragm: Elastomeric Polymer 
    Exhaust Valve: Elastomer 
    Mouthpiece: Silicone Rubber 
    Inlet Tube: Zirconium Plated 
    O-Rings: Buna-N

  • More than 20 New Improvements!

  • New Compact Profile

  • New Case Snap-In Insert to Personalize F8 for Color Style

  • New Front Cover: Anti-Surge & Stylized Z" Logo

  • New Smaller Mouthpiece: Super Soft Silicone, Color Accented Tear Resistant Bite" Lugs

  • New Exhaust Valve with Improved Dryness & Lower Exhalation Effort

  • New Inhalation Effort Control Knob: Better Grip and Style

  • New Threaded Cover Ring for Improved Safety

  • New Heat Sink w/Improved Materials & Greater Surface Area to Dissipate Cold

  • New Zirconium Plated Inlet Tube for Increased Corrosion Resistance

  • New Inhalation Diaphragm with Improved Response and Tear Strength

  • Newly Redesigned Poppet with Improved Tolerances

  • Patented Seat Saving Orifice

  • New Low Pressure Second Stage Seat

  • New Second Stage Spring made from Super Alloy



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